Mannimarco the Traitor.

#The Elder Scrolls Online #ESO

Ysgramor and the Five-Hundred Companions.

#The Elder Scrolls Online #ESO

Confronting the Mad God.

#The Elder Scrolls Online #ESO


I would have made $100 but then Mexicans came in and left me $0 on $68.


#I was doing so well all day too. #God damn it.

Greninja is a playable character in Smash 4.

What the fuck. LOL

Captain America 2 was really good.

I haven’t even seen the first one.

I got a .77 tip on $75.00 tonight.


#Fucking hate people so much. #serverlife.

The Ebonheart Pact is cool.

All this Dark Elf booty.


I’m also a Sword and Shield Tank with retarded abilities that boost my Armor and Spell Resistance and give me Damage Shields. So good. LOL

Funerals are rough.

Especially that awkward moment when your Uncle, Aunt, and cousins who you haven’t seen in almost 10 years because she’s insane and has issues with your parents and other uncles and aunts shows up.

Awkwwwaaaaarrrdd. Though it was nice to see my cousins after pretty much…forever.

#I am really looking forward to going to work in half an hour.