First Smash 4 tournament later today.

I cannot wait to go and compete and see all my friends.

Got Smash 3DS at midnight last night, pretty much been playing 1v1 For Glory mode with Link and Mario since then, unlocking the remaining 10 characters as they come. 

Out of all the newcomers, I think I enjoy Shulk the most too.

So fucking hyped to finally be playing this game.

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Jing Province has been taken by Master Guan Yu.
Yes, I know. I could hear it… His victory cry.

#Dynasty Warriors #Shu

The music in Hyrule Warriors is so god damn good.

It’s such a good mix of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors and oihghkajldghfkzdsgfasdkg this is just the perfect game I’ve been dreaming of for years thank you Nintendo thank you.

Note to self.

Change availability on Saturday to no more Saturday nights BECAUSE ASSHOLES AND SHITTY PEOPLE.


Hyrule Warriors is really fun so far.

I don’t want to go to work.

Damn you responsibilities, I WANNA PLAY GAMES ALL DAY. 

Time to go pick up my copy of Hyrule Warriors.


This is only the demo and I can tell Link is going to be a lot better in this game than he was in Brawl. The new edge mechanics really favor his tether recovery, which the seemed to increase in length, as well as having his UpB recovery buffed in terms of vertical height.

His on-stage game feels pretty much the same and how easy it is to reverse anything out of a running animation seems like a neat trick to mess around with for him too.

The D-Air meteor spike is also waaaayyyyy easier to land than I thought it would be and the second hit of his D-Smash has really good knock-back and it sends them out horizontally rather than vertically like it did in Brawl.

So the Smash 3DS Demo is a 30 use demo.

Just leaving my 3DS on until the full game releases.